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The Zero Trust Kubernetes Distribution

KubeZT is a Kubernetes distribution designed to democratize highly secure Kubernetes deployments, focusing primarily on advanced security and network efficiency. It implements the principles of Zero Trust security, creating a more secure and manageable environment for cloud-native applications. By integrating features such as authoritative trust models, multi-factor authentication and micro-segmentation, KubeZT addresses modern security challenges faced in dynamic, scalable and resilient environments. Its emphasis on robust identity verification and network traffic control makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity posture.
In addition to its security-centric features, KubeZT offers a user-friendly experience with capabilities like private global network overlays and automated scaling. This ensures not only secure but also efficient and resilient operational workflows. With its support for a range of authentication protocols and its commitment to compliance with federal mandates, KubeZT stands out as a comprehensive solution for organizations navigating the complexities of modern IT infrastructure, particularly those in sensitive sectors where data security and compliance are paramount.

Deployment Options for KubeZT

Ideal for organizations seeking a cost-effective and efficient entry into Zero Trust Kubernetes, the Shared option offers tenanted space on a shared KubeZT cluster. Users benefit from the same high-level security and Zero Trust principles, with the added advantage of shared resources and managed services.

For those preferring exclusive control, the Self-Hosted option allows users to deploy their own KubeZT cluster within their AWS VPC. This approach offers greater autonomy and customization, providing the full power of KubeZT’s security features within the user’s own cloud environment.
Tailored for organizations with stringent security requirements, the On-Prem option involves working closely with our team to deploy KubeZT in air-gapped, on-premise environments. This setup is ideal for sectors with high-security needs, offering a bespoke deployment that aligns with specific operational and security protocols.