KubeZT is Built Different

KubeZT continues to push the forefront of cloud-native security adoption and capabilities.

Solid Foundations

Built from the Ground Up

KubeZT is developed from the ground up to control and enforce isolation and security at every level of the stack, from the host kernel all the way to the pods, deployments, user identity and single sign on.

Host Automation

KubeZT automates the development of host golden images to ensure full traceability of every step.

Host Hardening

KubeZT applies hundreds of hardening steps to the host nodes for STIG, CIS and container isolation.

Host Compliance

KubeZT applies Department of Defense (DoD) Mission Assurance Category (MAC) 1 Classified level.

Container Hardening

KubeZT offers base images with hardening and functionality to support zero trust capabilities.

FIPS Compliance

KubeZT enforces FIPS at every level of the stack, from host nodes to containers to application runtimes.


KubeZT enables you to automatically scale capacity without compromising your zero trust security posture.

Certificate Automation

KubeZT automates certificate management, attesting identities for human and non-human entities.

Standardized Identity

KubeZT provides a standardized identity control plane for various authn and authz protocols.

Logging and Monitoring

KubeZT integrates monitoring, logging, and alerting, offering insights and timely notifications.

Become Invisible With KubeZT

KubeZT revolutionizes standard network topologies, enabling globally private and secure network overlays on public networks, ensuring robust security for your data and applications both internal and external of your KubeZT cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is KubeZT?

    KubeZT is an advanced Kubernetes-based platform that facilitates the creation of private, secure network overlays, ensuring optimal security for data and applications in various environments and helping to accelerate compliance with Federal Zero Trust mandates.

  • How does KubeZT enhance security?

    KubeZT enhances security through Zero Trust principles, offering features like micro-segmentation, multi-factor authentication, consistent identity control plane, FIPS compliance and private global network overlays for robust protection.

  • Can KubeZT integrate with existing infrastructure?

    KubeZT is designed specifically for integrating external infrastructure with the cluster via the secure network overlay. This provides a truly "unified platform" for your KubeZT cluster, integrating seamlessly with external IoT, edge or legacy devices and databases. KubeZT also supports a range of environments including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid setups.

  • Does KubeZT support multi-factor authentication?

    Yes, KubeZT supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) via various protocols to include SAML, OIDC, JWT, Kerberos, LDAP and integration with various MFA devices to include Common Access Card (CAC) / Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, One-Time Password (OTP) and YubiKey passwordless login.

  • What makes KubeZT different from standard Kubernetes?

    KubeZT extends standard Kubernetes functionalities with enhanced security features, private networking capabilities, and easy scalability, tailored for organizations prioritizing robust cybersecurity.

  • Is KubeZT suitable for small businesses?

    Yes, KubeZT's scalable nature makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses seeking advanced security without extensive resource investment.

  • How does KubeZT handle network segmentation?

    KubeZT employs micro-segmentation techniques to partition networks into smaller segments, enhancing security and control over network traffic. KubeZT does this via standard Kubernetes constructs coupled with trust domains and the overlay network to provide various levels of connectivity and security based on cross domain and compartmentalization requirements.

  • Can KubeZT ensure compliance with Federal mandates?

    KubeZT is designed to help organizations meet Federal mandates by adhering to strict security standards and protocols integral to Zero Trust architectures.

  • What kind of support does KubeZT offer?

    KubeZT offers comprehensive support, including deployment assistance, troubleshooting, and regular updates to ensure optimal performance and security.

  • How does KubeZT manage data privacy?

    KubeZT manages data privacy through encrypted communications, secure data handling practices, and compliance with privacy regulations, ensuring data is protected across all interactions. KubeZT enforces FIPS compliance across the entire stack of the cluster to include host nodes, containers and application runtimes.