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KubeZT Hardened Image Repository

KubeZT’s image repository represents a game-changing solution for developers and organizations striving to meet stringent compliance and Zero Trust requirements. At the core of this repository is a collection of base images, meticulously hardened to align with DoD STIG and CIS controls, including crucial FIPS compliance. This robust security foundation is further bolstered by the integration of several features that enhance service integration with KubeZT’s ecosystem.
The depth of KubeZT’s commitment to security is evident in its approach to building these base images. Key languages have been recompiled using FIPS-compliant libraries, ensuring cryptographic standards are met. This process includes rebuilding OpenSSL for FIPS compliance, a critical aspect for secure communications. Moreover, KubeZT has developed a range of application-specific base images, such as Wildfly, Tomcat, and open-source products like Airflow, Jupyter, and R-Studio, all inheriting from these hardened base images. This ensures that a wide variety of applications can benefit from the highest security standards right from their foundational layer.


Automated Integration

Secure Foundations

Streamlined Deployment

Simplifying Development and Accelerating Secure Deployment

For developers and organizations, KubeZT’s image repository is a boon, significantly simplifying the development process. The repository offers standardized environment variables that can be utilized with these base images, streamlining the integration of single-sign-on capabilities. This standardization not only makes developers’ lives easier but also accelerates the deployment of secure applications.
Furthermore, these base images facilitate the automatic injection of secrets, making sensitive information securely available as environment variables to the application. This feature not only enhances security but also simplifies the often complex task of secret management. Additionally, the automated management of certificate identities issued to workloads eases the burden of certificate management for developers, allowing them to focus on core development tasks.
By subscribing to KubeZT’s image repository, organizations gain access to a suite of tools and resources that empower them to deploy secure, compliant applications swiftly. This repository helps establish and maintain high security and compliance standards, providing a solid foundation for custom application development. In an era where security and compliance are paramount, KubeZT’s image repository offers an invaluable resource for building and deploying applications that meet the highest standards of security and compliance, in line with Zero Trust principles.