About Us

About Us

IT Security Should be an Asset, Not a Liability

Our team, comprised of dedicated Kubernetes engineers, embarked on a mission to revolutionize global access to top-tier security. Driven by the remarkable innovations and developments in cloud-native, open source and open standards, we have endeavored to encapsulate these advancements, making them easily accessible and user-friendly for developers and system administrators across the board.
Democratized Zero Trust
Elevated Security Posture
Compliance Acceleration
Enhanced Threat Protection
Our Mission

Enabling Your Zero Trust Journey

We offer numerous solutions and services to help accelerate your successful adoption of zero trust security using KubeZT.

KubeZT Distro

We offer a fully automated Kubernetes distribution focused on Zero Trust.

Hardened Images

We offer a repository of managed hardened images for your KubeZT environment.

KubeZT Administration

For organizations needing support, we offer services to administer your KubeZT cluster.

Training and Consulting

We offer training and consulting services to bring your team up to speed on your KubeZT cluster.

Monitoring and Alerting

We offer services to continuously monitor your KubeZT cluster and alert to anomalies.

Community Engagement

We collaborate with a Zero Trust community of interest to enhance collective security.

Cluster Deployments
Private Networks
Application Deployments
Our Team

Kubernetes-Focused Engineers

We are a team of forward-thinking engineers dedicated to democratizing Zero Trust security.
Chad Cravens

Chad Cravens

Chief Technical Officer

Kevin Madison

Kevin Madison

Kubernetes Engineer

Andrew Zah

Andrew Zah

Container Engineer