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When the security and compliance of your applications and data are paramount, KubeZT offers a Kubernetes distribution uniquely tailored to enforce Zero Trust security principles across your organization and at scale.

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With The Strongest Zero Trust Approach

The Only "Authenticate Before Connect" Zero Trust Solution

Global Unified Platform - Supporting Kubernetes and Beyond

Authoritative Trust with Private DNS

Centralized Identity with Multi Factor Authentication

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Additional Services to Support Your Zero Trust Journey with KubeZT

Zero Trust is a journey, not a destination. To support this journey, we provide a suite of services around KubeZT, designed to assist your organization in developing, deploying, and managing secure, resilient applications.

Training and Consulting


KubeZT Administration


Continuous Monitoring and Alerting


Hardened Images Repository


Deployment Options

KubeZT Deployment Options

KubeZT your way! You have a choice of shared, self-hosted or on-prem.


Utilize a shared KubeZT cluster for your applications and data, securely hosted within your dedicated tenant space.
Resource Sharing
Maintenance Ease


Initiate your personalized KubeZT cluster on AWS within your own VPC effortlessly via the AWS Marketplace.
Full Control
Enhanced Visiblity
Workload Isolation


For workloads situated in your data center, collaborate with our team for a tailored on-premises deployment of KubeZT.
Data Sovereignty
Enhanced Performance
Custom Security
Infrastructure Control
Enhance Your Capabilities

What Makes KubeZT Different?

KubeZT transcends standard Kubernetes distributions, offering rigorously tested, genuine zero-trust capabilities. This includes robust identity verification, policy enforcement, app-embedded zero trust, and more, catering to both users and developers.

Monitoring & Logging

KubeZT captures fine-grained metrics of your cluster for analysis and compliance.

Authoritative Trust

KubeZT enables users to create authoritative trust domains for multi-tenant environments.

Standardized Identity

Inherit identity from a trust authority that applies to both human and non-human entities.

Secrets Management

KubeZT securely automates secrets management to include storage and injection.

PKI Management

KubeZT automates the management of certificates across the environment.

Cross Domain

Establish isolated domains of trust and communication within a single, unified enclave.

Become Undiscoverable with KubeZT
Create Private Global Mesh Networks - Completely Hidden and Secure

KubeZT empowers your organization to establish secure, global, point-to-point communications, ensuring your data and services remain invisible to unauthorized access. Ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) and worldwide edge-device connectivity.

Built on KubeZT

Customers using KubeZT to build and deploy their applications, offering unparalleled resiliency and security for their users and data.

Analytics HQ
    Analytics HQ

    Data Science Platform

    Analytics HQ enables data scientists, data engineers and software developers to collaborate with business users to ingest their organizations data in a private and secure environment to develop advanced analytics, machine learning models and data visualizations.


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